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In the Franchise Feature of The Courier-Mail
23 Sep, 2013

The Courier-Mail in Brisbane promised the hot scoop on franchising in its Your Business section. Price Waterhouse Coopers partner Greg Hodson says innovate concepts like liquid nitrogen ice cream are where it’s at. Case in point? Nitrogenie. As he says, it’s fresh and new and there’s a personalised element providing unique customer experiences. Too right. That’s what we do.


In "Bites" Column, The Courier-Mail
20 Jul, 2013

Nitrogenie South Bank opened with a bang during South Bank Brisbane’s Regional Flavours weekend event on the 20 – 21 July. The crowds came flocking to the official event  and then found their way to the unofficial crowd favourite: The new Nitrogenie store which we think stole the show. Meanwhile, Fiona Donnelly wrote about us in her “Bites” column of Saturday’s The Courier-Mail.

In The Australian
10 Jul, 2013

As Necia Wilden says, “Did Hastings Street, Noosa really need another ice cream shop? Only if it’s a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop, perhaps.” She then goes on to say that “Noosa’s Nitrogenie makes a compelling case for following fashion” and that “we reckon you’ll be licking faster than melt speed…” We agree, Necia and thanks for dropping in.


Nitrogenie on The Today Show
17 May, 2013

When Channel 9’s The Today Show in Australia came to the Noosa Food and Wine Festival, they asked Nitrogenie™ to do a demonstration of how we make our ice cream. Chef and General Manager Todd Farr created one of the crowd favourites: Lemon Meringue Pie.


Nitrogenie on The Today Show from A Nitrogenie on Vimeo.


U on Sunday Wendy Hall
16 Dec, 2012

In Queensland’s Sunday Mail it’s always interesting to see who makes Wendy Hall’s list of new and interesting food offerings. She always has her finger on the pulse and she was one of the first food writers to hear about Nitrogenie™. Thank you, Wendy. We hope to see you often at Nitrogenie™.


The Courier-Mail Confidential
06 Dec, 2012

The Courier-Mail’s Confidential column catches wind of liquid nitrogen ice cream coming to Noosa Heads on December 6, a week before we open.

There was also a great deal of excitement in the street as we were setting up the store.


The rumour mill hears about Nitrogenie on December 6.

New Ice Cream out of Thin Air
26 Nov, 2012


The food entrepreneurs behind a new ice cream venture in Noosa Heads say it’s about time ice cream got exciting.

Matthew Bailey and Steve Minon, who in 2012 lit up the food scene in Brisbane with their Japanese dumpling and beer bar Harajuku Gyoza have created what they describe as an “ice cream show that you can eat” in their new Nitrogenie™ concept shop.


Chef and General Manager Todd Farr home tests Nitrogenie™ recipes using liquid nitrogen.



The ice cream shop will feature four “Nitrogenies”™ who will create ice cream using liquid nitrogen while customers watch.


Expect plumes of vapour and lots of colour and fun, they say.


The recipes for the ice cream creations devised by executive chef and General Manager, Todd Farr, will change weekly and will feature “delicious and unusual” combinations that start with eggs and cream and feature only natural, real food ingredients.


The uniqueness of the Nitrogenie™ taste is the dense creaminess of the texture which is achieved through the speed of the freezing process.


The quicker it freezes, the smaller the ice cream crystals and the smoother the texture.


The team behind the venture say the recipes also benefit from the instant freezing process, meaning real flavours from  real foods can be infused through the mix without the need for artificial stabilisers or preservatives.


Expect some adventurous and challenging recipes.


The menu will be necessarily short to allow the Nitrogenies™ to create and perfect each recipe freshly and from scratch. However the team aim to change the recipes every week, so there will be plenty of imagination at play and regular variety for returning customers.


Nitrogenie™ opens in early December at 32 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads.


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